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Arte y Corazon

The Esperanza Peace and Justice Center has been dedicated to creating a better world through art, dialogue and action. We believe that in order to participate fully in society, people need to see themselves and their experiences reflected in the world around them. We create and present artistic work that erases borders, builds bridges, and creates alliances between people.

Annual Events

  • Día de los Muertos

    Each year countless organizations and groups in San Antonio pay tribute to the deceased in observance of Dia de los Muertos. At Esperanza our Dia de los Muertos celebration occurs every […]

  • Mercado de Paz | Peace Market

      Esperanza’s annual International Peace Market/Mercado Internacional de Paz brings people together in the tradition of open-air markets found in indigenous communities around the world. The Peace Market fills up […]


  • Museo del Westside

    Coming Soon – a community participatory museum inside the historic Ruben’s Ice House! Together we are working to transform the historic Ruben’s Ice House into the Westside’s first museum! The Museo […]

  • Visual Arts

    Since the very beginning of Esperanza, art of all kinds has been integral to our work. Over the years we have been proud to host numerous visual art exhibitions providing […]

  • MujerArtes Clay Cooperative

    Started in 1995 and operating out of a house in San Antonio’s Westside, the MujerArtes Women’s Clay Cooperative has been among Esperanza’s groundbreaking programs for 18 years.

Film Festivals

  • Film Screenings

    Media has been used in modern day storytelling for over a 100 years. From the photograph to the moving image, people have utilized imagery to convey ideas and stories. At […]

  • CineMujer

    The CineMujer series offers opportunities for unheard women’s voices to break the silence using films and videos – providing a platform for alternate perspectives with those films that depict issues […]

  • Other, Out & Beyond Film Programming

    The Esperanza Peace and Justice Center’s Other, Out and Beyond Film Series captures the traditions of the Esperanza’s historic film and video festivals:  Out at the Movies; The Other America and CineMujer. Through […]

Historic Preservation

  • Museo del Westside

    Coming Soon – a community participatory museum inside the historic Ruben’s Ice House! Together we are working to transform the historic Ruben’s Ice House into the Westside’s first museum! The Museo […]

  • Paseo por el Westside

    The Paseo por el Westside is a historic and cultural preservation community gathering on the Westside of San Antonio. The event takes places usually the first weekend in May as […]

  • Corazones de Esperanza

    The “Corazones de Esperanza” a part of the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center community, is comprised of a group of sabia/os or “wise ones,” who are keepers of community stories and memories.

  • Arte es Vida Westside Cultural Project

    Performances and platicas featuring historically-relevant artists, including elder women singers “Las Tesoros;” training community to survey/document cultural resources; and revival of cultural traditions such as Día de los Muertos, Las […]


  • Radio Esperanza | 101.5 KEPJ-LPFM-San Antonio

    VISION Radio Esperanza, 101.5 KEPJ-LPFM-San Antonio, is a low-powered community radio station dedicated to providing social justice organizing and community expression to our listeners. We provide a platform for local […]

  • Las Tesoros de San Antonio

    Las Tesoros de San Antonio are a group of elder women performers whose incredible singing careers soared both locally and internationally in the 1940s, 50s, and 60s.

  • Música

    The musical roots of Esperanza programs such as Noche Azul or the Chile Canta series can be traced back to our earlier music series titled MujerCanto.  Mujercanto is a celebration […]

  • Noche Azul de Esperanza

    Noche Azul de Esperanza is our multi-year ongoing series of intimate café style performances with acclaimed singer/songwriter-in-Residence Azul Barrientos.

Readings and Platicas

  • Readings and Platicas

    Over the years Esperanza has sponsored dozens of pláticas that have taken many forms through readings, lectures, panel discussions, workshops, and community gatherings. These platicas have included visionary local, national […]

Theater and Performance

  • Teatro and Performances

    Employing the use of words, movement, or a stage, the Esperanza has welcomed poets, thespians, dancers, and performers such as Marga Gomez, Colorado Sisters, Maria Elena Gaitan, Astrid Haddad, Monica […]


  • Workshops

    The Esperanza provides affordable art and writing workshops, media literacy and cultural/technical skill-building trainings, and cultural tours on a rolling basis throughout the year. We believe that art can and […]