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Marches and Rallies

Throughout our history Esperanza has participated in and led many marches, rallies, and direct actions designed to expose injustice and create social change. Letter writing campaigns, petitions, protests, guerilla theater, conferences, media campaigns, and speeches, are all strategies that we have used.

Esperanza-led actions have included protesting U.S. military action in Central America and in the Middle East, co-organizing the earliest San Antonio based International Woman’s Day March, planning counter protests to the Ku Klux Klan, exposing gay bashing, and organizing to prevent the closure of a major local newspaper.

Esperanza has also encouraged and supported participation in actions led by other organizations including boycotts and protests against Levi Strauss’ labor policies, rallies and voting campaigns in support of Indigenous people of Chiapas and Mexico, and marches honoring the life work of Martin Luther King, Jr. and César Chávez.