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Esperanza was founded in 1987 with the dream of creating a place where people working for peace and justice in San Antonio and around the world could come together to share our vision, our resources, and our hope for the future. Today, decades later, Esperanza continues this work of bringing people together across our differences to work for justice and build a better world. While this work calls for protests, press conferences, and public speeches in front of City Hall, it also requires music, poetry, paintings, theater performances, and intimate conversations on front porches and at kitchen tables throughout our city.

The work for peace, justice, cultural grounding and preservation belongs to all of us, and we all have something to offer.

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Please read below on the different donations options. Your contribution expands the possibilities of our collective efforts.

Monthly Donations

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Most of us set aside money each month for the necessities – food, water, housing, electricity, etc. We know that our monthly investment ensures our survival year-round. Esperanza has the same monthly expenses, and our monthly donors are invaluable for the long-term survival of our organization. When you become a monthly donor, you ensure that Esperanza continues to grow and thrive, empowering our shared work for cultural preservation, and social, environmental, economic, and gender justice for generations to come. Are you a monthly donor to Esperanza? If so, your monthly donation keeps our organization running year-round. Not yet a monthly? Are you ready and able to become a monthly donor and say “YES!” to community empowerment, progressive programming and a space that prioritizes peace, justice and respect? Use the form above to sign up through PayPal, or email us at finance@esperanzacenter.org to set up a monthly checkings or savings account donation. Automatic monthly donations can be of $5, $20, $50, or the amount of your choice, either by credit card, through PayPal, or via ACH direct deposit. You are key to our long-term sustainability!

One Time Donations

Not yet ready to donate on a monthly basis? We understand. Please consider donating a one time gift of solidarity in whatever amount you are able. The work for peace, justice, cultural grounding and preservation belongs to all of us, and we all have something to offer. Our community grows stronger when we give and support to one another. We are grateful for your gift! Offer a Gift of Any Amount By Mail or Online Now.

Donations can be mailed to:

Esperanza Peace & Justice Center
922 San Pedro San Antonio TX 78212

Leave a Legacy Gift

Is the Esperanza already listed in your will, trust, life insurance, or other estate plans? If so, thank you! We encourage you to let us know about your plans because it helps us plan for the Esperanza’s future. Please call or email our director Graciela Sánchez to inform her of your planned gift, or request more information about how to leave a legacy gift through your will or other bequests.