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Corazones de Esperanza

Part of Arte y Corazón

The “Corazones de Esperanza” a part of the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center community, is comprised of a group of sabias/os or “wise ones,” who are keepers of community stories and memories. The Corazones specifically focus on documenting memories and photographs from around and before the 1970s. This project of documenting the history of the Westside is important not only because it empowers people who live or who have lived here to authorize their own history, but also to create an ongoing archive of experiences and knowledges that have been traditionally omitted from official history books. An essential component of this group is to also transmit cultural and historical knowledges to future generations, and this blog is vital to that endeavor. Every week, this group gathers to share various pedazos or pieces of San Antonio Westside history, including dichos (sayings), recipes, photographs, or music.

The group is also in charge of the monthly 2nd Saturday Convivios where community members are invited to share memories, ideas, and comments for a collective history!

Upcoming Corazones de Esperanza Events

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Recent Corazones de Esperanza Events

  • Second Saturday Westside Convivio @ Rinconcito

    The Esperanza & the Corazones de Esperanza invite the community to our monthly Westside community gathering. We will share stories and memories about living in San Antonio’s Westside. The Second […]