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Mi Barrio No Se Vende

Part of Poder del Pueblo

El Westside de San Antonio is both a defined geographic place and a state of mind that has been symbolically represented by artists in songs, paintings, poems, stories and film. Both its physical reality and its symbolic representation fuse nostalgically in the memory and remembrances of all who have lived there in the past and in the present. The barrio is often depicted as a cultural sanctuary or a zone of refuge providing a sense of security and comfort to its inhabitants.

What is Mi Barrio No Se Vende?

Mi Barrio No Se Vende is a coalition of vecinos and community organizations working to keep our gente in San Antonio’s Westside. The coalition is committed to challenging the ongoing gentrification of the barrio and creating a strong network of neighbors. We want to help our families and vecinos stay in the historic Westside, ensuring we continue to preserve and celebrate the very culture that shapes our neighborhood.

We are in the midst of a nationwide housing crisis that significantly impacts San Antonio. Housing has become inaccessible to most, pushing many people out of city limits or to live on the streets. We must question the policies and actions that perpetuate this crisis, affecting the already vulnerable communities the most. We strive to work in community to create a strong, supportive, and proactive strategy to halt the gentrification of the Westside. As downtown expands into our barrio, we must protect our neighborhood from becoming unaffordable and inaccessible to our community.

The coalition meets through a series of cafecitos where neighbors talk about the housing issues that are affecting their day to day lives. These cafecitos can take place anywhere folks are able to meet. They can be at Rinconcito de Esperanza, your tia’s sala, or your own front porch! Cafecitos are facilitated by other vecinos, identifying some of the issues and solutions to these concerns.

Are you interested in hosting a cafecito for your vecinos? Connect with us at 210.228.0201 or mibarrionosevende@gmail.com.

The goals of the coalition is to stop further displacement from happening on the Westside, help residents stay in their homes, and to concientizar our community on the impacts of gentrification.

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