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La Voz: May 2020 Issue

In the Time of Covid-19, Esperanza Staff Stories: The New Electronic Reality: Two steps forward and one step back by Elizandro Carrington; Responding to the buena gente of Esperanza by Amelia Valdez; Parenting in Crisis by Judit Vega; Museo del Westside during the Covid-19 Pandemic by Sarah Gould; Virtual Programming at the Esperanza Peace and Justice Center by Imgard Akinyi Rop • The Deadly Duo: Trump and the Coronavirus by Elliot Benjamin, Ph. D. • The Nation in Crisis: Now is the Time for Confession and Repentance by Tarcísio Beal • La Cabronavirus, a time for mutual support by Norma E. Cantú • Real Shift by Laura Rendón • Calaveras p’al primo de ‘calacas’ by Enrique Sánchez