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La Voz: July August 2020 Issue

The People’s Uprising by Antonio C. Cabral •  “Get your knee off our neck!”, Excerpt of eulogy delivered on June 4, 2020 at George Floyd’s memorial by Reverend Al Sharpton in Minneapolis, MN. • The Morning After, San Antonio’s response by Maria Salazar •  Opening up Pandora’s Box by Julio Noboa Polanco • Quarantine across borders In the Time of COVID-19 by Judit Vega • Discovering Greece, Discovering Myself by Barbara Renaud González •  My Family in Tennessee by Rachel Jennings • Museo del Westside to showcase West Side history, culture by Ben Olivo, San Antonio Heron • What could have been / For Officer Brian Encina, Citizen Sandra Bland and our system by Tom Keene • when history repeats itself, -in honor of BLM by Yon Hui Bell • LA CORONA ES UNA DEMONIA COVID-19 IS A DEMON.  by Lucille Briseño

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