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La Voz: February 2020 Issue

White Supremacy Worships Western Civilization by Julio Noboa Polanco • The Conference About Books in a City That Doesn’t Read: An Open Letter to Helena Mariá Viramontes about the 12,000 writers coming to San Antonio in March for the AWP Conference by Barbara Renaud González • Tenants Who Expose Racism & Unhealthy Mold Are Called Liars by SAHA Bosses by Pancho Valdez • Voiceless by Nayelli Mejia • In the Shadows of the Freeway: Growing Up Brown & Queer by Dr. Lydia R. Otero • A Centrist Democratic Candidate is Needed in 2020 to Beat Trump and Change the Rhetoric by Elliot Benjamin, Ph.D. • Children of color already make up the majority of kids in many US states by Rogelio Sáenz and Dudley L. Poston, Jr.

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