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La Voz: April 2022 Issue

Obit for Dudley Dendy Brooks • The Absurdity of Dan Patrick Self-Appointed Texas Thought Police by Rogelio Sáenz • Documents Show Brackenridge Bond Project Tied to Possible Lethal ‘Take’ of Birds by Greg Harmon • The Use of Child Protective Services as a Weapon by Kayla Miranda •  The Last Butterfly / La Última Mariposa, book review by Gloria A. Ramírez • SACRAMENTALISM versus DISCIPLESHIP by Tarcisio Beal • El Trompo por Alvin O. Korte • Obit for  Adolfo Bermea Segura • Pandemic Musings by Maria De la Cruz • El Trompo por Alvin O Korte • SACRAMENTALISM versus DISCIPLESHIP  by Tarcisio Beal • Adolfo Bermea Segura Obit • Pandemic Musings by Maria De la Cruz • Notas y Mas

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