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La Voz: April 2021 Issue

100 Years, Later: San Antonio’s 2021 Arctic Blast Reminiscent of the Great Flood of 1921 by Victoria Villaseñor & Lindsey Wieck •  From “Let it snow” to “I hate snow”… the week the lights went out in Texas by Kayla Miranda • Budding by Andrea Vocab Sanderson • The Path of Friendship by Andrea Vocab Sanderson • Oak Ridge, 1961 by Rachel Jennings • Two Women and a Child by Rachel Jennings • A Quarantined Lent by Yon Hui Bell • Pandemic Solstice by  Emmy Pérez • In My Dreams I Almost Learn How to Cook by  Emmy Pérez • What the Border Is. by Tricia Cortez • She Dances by Tom Keene • Sin Is by Tom Keene & Muse • Christopher by Tom Keene & Muse • Developed World by Tom Keene & Muse • Untitled, Part 1 by Emmy Pérez • Cancer Management by Rachel Jennings • Mi vida como inmigrante de Venezuela a Perú for Yoania • Urgent Action Now or Disastrous Consequences by Jere Locke

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