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La Voz: April 2019 Issue

Finally Hope On Climate: Green New Deal! by Jere Locke • Wanted: Westside Birds by Gianna Rendón • The Anti-Hate Resolution Excludes Latinos by Julio Noboa Polanco • Poetry Month – Latina Poets With New Books featuring: Between Wings and Chincherias For El Chandelier by Natalia Treviño, you love a river, the earth of us for Rosemary Catacalos by ire’ne lara silva, Josephine collects the dishes, Unending, The house holds its breath by jo reyes-boitel, In Lak’ech, Holy Is a Bird’s Cry by Carolina Hinojosa-Cisneros and Cenote by Leslie Contrereas Schwartz • Targeting Venezuela for the Sins of Empire by Julio Noboa Polanco • Sembrando Ideas / Sembrando Acción by Norma Cantú