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Isabel Sanchez

Isabel Casillas Sánchez was well known in the community and beloved at the Esperanza for her activism, her leadership and her dedication to San Antonio’s Westside.

The July/August 2021 issue of La Voz was dedicated to Mrs. Sánchez whom some called “La Abuela del Esperanza”. Literally translated as the “grandmother of the Esperanza”, Mrs. Sánchez was not only the mother of the Esperanza’s director, Graciela I. Sanchez, but also actively involved and supportive of the Esperanza’s programming and actions since its inception in 1987.

The July/August edition of La Voz was not big enough to contain all the thoughts and comments sent by everyone who wanted to pay their respects and express their love of Mrs. Sánchez upon her passing, so we had to create a space on our website to highlight some of the tributes and sentiments written in rememberance of Isabel Casillas Sánchez, who remains present at the Esperanza and in our lives.