Arts and Culture are Essential

In the 2021 City of San Antonio budget, funding for the arts is threatened to be cut drastically as the arts are seen as nonessential by some council people. Please engage in feedback to let City elected officials know that the arts are important.

Arts and culture are vital and important to our community during this time of COVID-19 crisis and recovery in San Antonio. Our cultural identity is rooted in art, and it is the articulation of our imagination and creative ideas in the face of crisis. While the basic needs of food, jobs, and housing shelter must be met- our communities must also reconnect to each other and ourselves.

The arts help us to reflect on and process what has happened and express what we have been through in ways that sometimes words cannot do alone. Art & culture can help us build new communities, reconnect old communities, and strengthen our connection to place. Art can also reduce feelings of isolation, help to develop new personal and creative skills, and create and share a sense of hope and optimism. For this reason it is of the utmost importance to include arts funding within COVID- 19 recovery efforts in the budget.

The Esperanza Peace and Justice Center has continued to do the social justice work we have always done. We have assisted our community by delivering food boxes and other essentials to the elderly and vulnerable, provided referrals, and shared information to those suffering from housing and food insecurity and economic uncertainty.

Attend the virtual budget town hall meeting, and to find out when your district is meeting, visit:
Email your comment, questions and concerns to:, and CC us at

Other ways to engage:
Text “SASpeakUp1” to 55000
Call 311
Use #SASpeakUp on social media

The final city vote on the budget is on September 17th, so please let the City know that you support the work of the Esperanza and other arts organizations in San Antonio!


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