The 2019 February Issue of La Voz is now available!

The 2019 February Issue of La Voz is Now Available!

In this issue . . . 

  • Hilos que hablan: The Textile Legacy and Life of Mariana Ornelas by Gloria A. Ramírez
  • A Brief History of the San Antonio Woolworth Building by Beth Standifird

  • Arundhati Roy in the Face of Rising Fascism, Interview by Laura Flanders

  • JT Deeley (1977-2018): Energy Dusk to Energy Dawn by Marisol Cortez & Greg Harman

  • Julian Castro for President: The Changing Face of the United States by Joel Rodríguez

  • US Border Patrol Unleashes Tear Gas Against Children in Mexico by Jake Johnson

  • Refugees (poem) by Tom Keene

  • Here, There (poem) by Pablo Martinez

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