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2019 Arts Fund Internship

As people moved by a vision of social justice, as people of color, as working class and poor people, as native people and immigrants, as women, men, old and young, queer and straight, we have learned the power of culture and art in our lives. We have come to understand that to participate fully in this world, we must be culturally grounded, confident of our voices, and certain of the value of our contributions in life. Cultura y Arte gives us this grounding. They connect us to our histories and nurture the seeds of our self-worth. Through artistic creation and cultural expression, we as historically silenced and isolated individuals have come to a new understanding of each other, the world, and ourselves.

Interns are integral to this mission of social and environmental justice, cultural preservation, and community engagement. We are likewise committed to the professional development of interns and strive to provide them with a quality-learning environment in order to foster the skills necessary for job placement and advancement in various nonprofit, arts, social advocacy, and community organizing fields.

Eligibility: The program is open to currently enrolled undergraduate college students who are Bexar County residents, attending a college or university in Bexar County or attending a college outside of the county as long as the student is a resident of Bexar County, and show proof of same. Students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree or higher are not eligible.

General Information: This internship is made available by the Bexar County Commissioners Court for the duration of 10 weeks starting on June 3 until August 9, 2019 with a regular schedule to be paid in a total sum of $3500. Interns must work a 40-hour week. This can include weeknights and weekends as may be required by Esperanza’s schedule, specific hours in a week worked can be flexible as along as the intern fulfills a 40-hour commitment. Students who are bilingual (Spanish/English) and comfortable interacting with communities of color and queer communities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Internship Program Information: The Esperanza Peace and Justice Center would like to hire a summer intern for our new Museo del Westside project. The museum will present Westside history through artifacts, photographs, and oral histories that speak to our past, present, and future. The Esperanza’s Museo del Westside will be the first museum dedicated to presenting the history and culture of San Antonio’s deeply historic Westside.

The assignment will require the intern to work with a staff member and community members to gather photos and oral histories. The intern will assist in scanning photos/documents, digitally archiving, and maintaining the established collection, which contains over 2,000 files. The intern will assist staff in the ongoing work of preservation and promote artistic and cultural expression among diverse communities. Details about each photo will also be collected: who is in the picture, where and when was it taken, etc. Using this post-custodial model, the Esperanza will use the digital copies of the photographs shared to convert them to life-size fotobanners hung around the Westside neighborhood. Moreover, the intern will work closely with community historians and archivists to learn practices for archiving and oral history gathering. The intern will also learn the importance of unpacking untold histories and develop researching skills that center marginalized communities.

The Museo del Westside is set to open at the end of 2019, so the intern would also assist the Museum coordinator in preparing for the opening. As a community participatory museum, the exhibits and programs will be come from the needs, interests, and knowledge of our community. The intern will assist in collecting this information through community meetings and surveys. The intern will also assist in historical research, using electronic databases and archival resources; and will also assist in drafting museum exhibit text.

Application Procedures: Candidates must submit a completed application along with a resume; two recommendation letters, a personal statement and a copy of their current transcript. All application items must be submitted as a complete package.

Application Deadlines and Dates: Digitally submitted/Postmarked by March 31, 2019.

Mail, Deliver or Send Electronically to:
Attn – Summer Arts Internship
Esperanza Peace and Justice Center
922 San Pedro Ave.
San Antonio, TX 78212
Email: esperanza@esperanzacenter.org

Bexar County Arts Internship - Summer 2019

  • Please include address, position title, and a description of duties, and start & end dates.
  • Please include address, position title, and a description of duties.
  • Please include address, position title, and a description of duties.
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  • Please include name, company/school, email, telephone number, and years acquainted.
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